Planning, Performance, and Public Engagement



The City of Miami Strategic Plan serves as a roadmap for the strategic allocation of city resources.
The City launched its Strategic Planning Initiative in the summer of 2013. Through this initiative, the City convened key internal and external stakeholders to identify the highest-priority goals for city government through Fiscal Year 2017.

The Strategic Planning Initiative is framed around the following questions:

  1. What are the most critical goals to achieve over the coming years? Through surveys, focus group sessions, and public meetings, the City’s administration collected input on the community’s highest priorities for the coming years. The Strategic Plan outlines the City’s most important objectives across six priority areas.

  2. How will we achieve our desired objectives? The Strategic Plan outlines key strategies that will be implemented to achieve each of the identified objectives.

  3. How will we know whether we are successful in achieving our objectives? The Strategic Plan includes performance measures for each objective as well as performance targets for the future.

For more information on the City’s Strategic Planning Initiative, e-mail or call (305) 416-1025.