Zoning Fees

Plan Reviews of Single Family and Duplexes $0.20 per square foot with a minimum of $100.00
Plan Review of all other uses $0.016 per square foot with a minimum of $200.00
Class II, Warrant, or similar permit $60.00
Special Exception, Variance, Major Use Special Permit, or similar permit for a Single- Family or Duplex $0.55 per square foot minimum of $275.00 maximum of $3,000.00
Alcohol Beverage Applications $300.00
Preliminary Plan Review (Dry Run) $0.05 per square foot
Address Change $100.00 per folio
Verification Letters $200.00 per letter per folio
Assisted Living Facility Applications $200
Review of Legal Documents (Unities of Title,Covenants, Releases, Easements, Modifications, etc.) $78.50
Temporary Occupancy Permit $500.00
Interim Parking Lot Permit $1,000.00
Temporary Event Permit $250.00
Waiver $0.05 per square foot with a minimum of $475.00
Extension of Time of Waiver $225.00
Waiver for Demolition $225.00


* For Zoning questions and inquiries, please contact the Office of Zoning, (305) 416-1499 or visit Useful Links for more information and resources.  Inquiries include zoning determinations, uses, sign ordinance information, and other related inquiries. 

* For Media Inquiries, please contact Luciana L. González, (305) 416-1404