Planning and Zoning Applications

The City of Miami launched Electronic Plan Review (ePlan) on October 1, 2018. With ePlan, users can apply for permits online, upload plans/drawings and documents without visiting the City of Miami, monitor and track applications throughout the plans review process, view corrective comments and markups, and more. To learn more, visit our All Things ePlan webpage. Most applications can now be completed online. If you do not see the application you need below, please visit our ePlan webpage to view checklist and start your online application for all special permits.


The following forms are required for various processes by the City of Miami Planning Department.

Internal Design Review (IDR)

Internal Design Review (IDR) Application

IDR Application Requirements

Qualified Census Tract (QCT) Confirmation/Affordable Housing Certification (AHC)

QCT COnfirmation/AHC ONLINE Application   


The following forms are required for various permit applications and verification requests from the City of Miami Office of Zoning. For specific questions regarding the forms, see a Zoning Information Specialist.

Change of Address Form

Temporary Banner Permit Procedure and Application

Temporary Farmers Market Permit Procedure and Application

Temporary Use and Occupancy Application (Ch. 62)

  Zoning Verification Letter ONLINE Application

For information about public hearing applications and forms, including Exceptions, Variances, Zoning Changes and Land Use amendments, see the
Hearing Boards Division website.

Please keep in mind that Zoning Change and Land Use Amendments applications are heard twice a year. Please contact the Hearing Boards Division at (305) 416-2030 or for additional information.