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Wynwood Design Review Committee (WDRC)


The purpose of the Wynwood Design Review Committee (WDRC) is to review and recommend to the Director of Planning and Zoning and the Urban Development Review Board (UDRB), pursuant to the NRD-1 and Miami 21, whether the design of developments and/or improvements to properties within the boundaries of the NRD-1 are compatible with the cultural and architectural character of the Wynwood Arts District and guidelines that may be adopted from time to time.

Requirements and Procedure

Projects Required To Be Submitted To WDRC:

  • Projects over 200,000 square feet. (Appendix J 1.4 b).
  • Parking may extend into the Second Layer above the first Story in T5, by Waiver, if an art, glass, or architectural treatment, of a design to be approved by the Planning Director, with the recommendation of the WDRC, is provided for one hundred (100%) percent of that portion of the Façade. (Appendix J 1.7.1.d.1)
  • All newly constructed Principal Building ground floor Facades along Primary and Secondary Frontages in T5 and T6-8 shall include art or glass treatment, and art or glass treatment shall be of a design to be approved by the Planning Director with the recommendation of the WDRC in T5 and T6-8. (Appendix J 1.7.1.f.2) (1.7.2.d.2)
  • For a surface parking lot, in certain instances, a solid and continuous wall or fence, a minimum of five (5) feet in height, may be used in lieu of the landscape area, and shall be designed and approved by the Director of the Planning Department with the recommendation of the WDRC, in such a way as to provide a decorative effect. (Appendix J 1.11.a.6)
  • Within the NRD-1, Painted Wall Signs shall be allowed By Right. All other signage shall be subject to Article 10, Table 15 Sign Design Standards and approved by the Planning Director with the recommendation of the WDRC. (Appendix J 1.12.b)

Other projects may be referred to the WDRC at the Planning and Zoning Director’s discretion.

Meeting Dates/Submittals:

The WDRC meets the Second Tuesday of every Month (except August) at 1:00pm at the Wynwood BID Offices, 310 NW 26th Street, Suite 1, Miami FL 33127. Meeting times may vary based on agenda requirements.

Submittals to upcoming WDRC meetings are due by 4:00 pm the last Wednesday of the preceding month, except July (no meeting in August) to the City of Miami Planning and Zoning Department, 444 SW 2nd Avenue, 3rd Floor, Miami, FL 33130.

The Project Architect or designee shall be present at the time of the submittal and prepared to respond technical questions regarding the project being submitted. A City of Miami Liaison and other staff from the Planning & Zoning Department will review submittals, and, if accepted, the applicant shall provide payment to the Planning and Zoning Department.

The Planning and Zoning Department reserves the right not to place items on the WDRC agenda if an application is found to be incomplete or if sufficient progress towards addressing provided comments has not been achieved. Please refer to the following minimum requirements and documentation that shall accompany applications.



Meeting Agendas

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