Parks & Recreation - Summer Camps

E-Park Locations

Below you can find where public access computers are available within a City of Miami Park. It should be noted that public computers are not available during the operation of youth programs, typically between 2-6pm on weekdays during the school year and 8am - 6pm during the Summer months.

The computers onsite at these parks are available for internet searching, resume writing, report writing and more. Anyone coming to use a computer to work on a project is advised to bring a jumpdrive or CD on which to save the work so that you can take your materials with you. There is no ability to save any Microsoft Office documents to the computer's hard drive directly.


African Square Park  
  Armbrister Park  
  Athalie Range  
  Coral Gate Park  
Curtis Park Sports Complex
  Dorsey Park  
  Douglas Park  
Grapeland Heights Park
  Charles Hadley Park  
  Jose Marti Park  
  Juan Pablo Duarte Park  
  Kinloch Municipal Park  
  Legion Memorial Park  
  Lemon City Park  
  Little Haiti Soccer Park  
  Lummus Park  
  Moore Park
  Morningside Park  
  Roberto Clemente Park  
  Henry Reeves Park  
  Robert King High Park  
  Shenandoah Park  
  Elizabeth Virrick Park  
  West End Park  
  Williams Park