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Miami, Florida-In a ceremony held in front of Miami's City Hall, joined by Mayor Manny Díaz and City Commissioners Johnny Winton, Joe Sánchez and Tomás Regalado, Chief John Timoney announced his new appointments and the promotion of the following personnel to key positions within the Miami Police Department's hierarchy.

Chief Timoney's two new appointments for the positions of Assistant Chief are:

Assistant Chief Louis Vega--Is currently enrolled in the Masters Program in Criminal Justice at Florida International University, has B.S. in Criminal Justice from New York Institute of Technology and is a graduate from the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) National Academy. Chief Vega worked for the New York Police Department from 1966 to October 1995, where he held the position of Precinct Commander, Captain. Until July 2001, he worked for the State of Florida Office of the Attorney General, holding the position of Senior Investigator, Medicaid Fraud Control Unit. He was Assistant Chief of the Hartford, Connecticut Police Department until his recent departure in 2003.

Assistant Chief John Gallagher-Received his Juris Doctorate degree from New York Law School and a B.S., Pre-Law from Long Island University at Southampton. He joined the New York Police Department in 1989 where he received numerous citations for bravery, initiative and professionalism. He worked as Special Prosecutor for the N.Y.P.D. and as Special Advisor to Police Commissioner in the Philadelphia Police Department. He was Counsel to the U.S. Attorney's Office, Washington, D.C. until 2001, and Assistant U.S. Attorney, District of New Mexico, for the U. S. Attorney's Office until 2003.

Chief Timoney promoted the following personnel from within the Miami Police Department:

Deputy Chief Frank Fernandez--With and A.A. degree from Miami Dade Community College and a B.A. from Barry University, he joined Miami Police in 1985. He became Sergeant in 1994, and Lieutenant in 2000, and was appointed NET Commander in 2001. During his career, he conducted many successful SWAT missions and contributed to the reduction of Part I crimes (robbery, murder, rape) in his NET area.

Assistant Chief Gerald Darling--Has a B.A. from Fort Valley State University in Georgia and a M.A. from Saint Thomas University, Florida. He started at MPD in 1981 and was promoted to Major in 1995. As Lieutenant, he notably commanded the Streets Narcotic Unit during Miami's crack and tourist robbery epidemics and while holding the position of Major of the North District, he contributed significantly to the decrease in violent crime.

Major Juanita Walker--Has a B.A. from Saint Thomas University. Major Walker joined MPD as a Public Service Aide in 1973. She became an officer in 1974, rising through the ranks to Sergeant in 1990, Lieutenant in 1998 and NET Commander in 2001. She was a member of the First Public Service Aide Class and coordinated the production of an MPD calendar to benefit survivors of breast cancer.

Major Craig McQueen--Has a B.A. from Florida International University and is a graduate from the FBI National Academy. He joined the Miami Police Department in 1981, becoming a Sergeant in 1992, a Lieutenant in 1995, a NET Commander in 2001 and a Captain in 2002. Major McQueen was the first African American Lieutenant assigned to the Communications Unit and the Recruitment and Selections Unit. He was also the first African American in the history of the FBI National Academy to be selected as a section representative.

Major George Cadavid-Has a B.A. from Florida International University and is a graduate from the FBI National Academy. Joined MPD in 1980, and held the positions of Sergeant in 1991, Lieutenant in 1995 and NET Commander in 2001. Major Cadavid made a name for himself by solving a 50 year old cop-killer case, tracking the suspect all the way to New York City, where John Timoney's NYPD assisted with the apprehension. In 1990, while off-duty with his family at the Cutler Ridge Mall, Major Cadavid was declared a hero after confronting and being forced to shoot a deranged armed robber just seconds before he tried to kill a Miami-Dade Police Officer.

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