Neighborhood Service Workers

Neighborhood Service Worker


In 1998, a small group of neighborhood service workers was developed to quickly and efficiently respond to community requests regarding Quality of Life issues. This group of 34 employees was later renamed the Litter Busters and Graffiti Busters.

By 2007, the Litter Busters had increased to 40 workers, and have become an important component in the operations of each NET Office. Consequently, their title was officially changed to Neighborhood Service Workers (NSW's), which also included the efforts and contributions of the Graffiti Busters. Each NET office is assigned two NSW's, and the remaining workers address quality of life issues city-wide. They continue to work tirelessly to reduce the effects of graffiti, illegal dumping and homeless encampments throughout the City of Miami. When needed, the NSW's are able to quickly respond to cut and maintain grassy areas, and remove debris on the public right-of-way. In addition, they assist the Neighborhood Enhancement Team (NET) in landscaping mini parks and public rights-of-way, as well as provide support for beautification projects and community events throughout the City.

The Graffiti Removal Team removes graffiti from the public right-of-way in the City of Miami. In addition, they also pressure clean assigned areas such as sidewalks and other public spaces in anticipation of special events that are held throughout the City.

The mission of the NSW's and Graffiti Removal Team is to promote a cleaner environment for the City of Miami and to improve the quality of life for all Miami residents and business persons.

The NSW office is located at 1490 NW 3rd Avenue, Suite 111, Miami, Florida 33136. (305) 960-4NET.

Q: How can citizens report a complaint?
A: To report garbage or graffiti within the City of Miami, call or stop by your local NET office and file a complaint.