About Us

Parks Master Plan

The Office of Grants Administration (OGA) identifies funding and partnership opportunities for all City Departments from Federal, State, Local, Foundations, and Private funding sources to maximize revenue generating opportunities. OGA coordinates and oversees all aspects related to the writing, preparation, and submission of grant and funding applications for City projects and initiatives. In addition, OGA provides technical support to City Departments to ensure the implementation of policies and practices in compliance with applicable Federal, State, and local laws, regulations, and contract stipulations. OGA also provides expertise in assessing changes, regulatory compliance, and grant management that may impact funding. OGA also manages and administers grants and programs for citywide initiatives: Education Initiatives, Office of Miami Sustainable Initiatives, ACCESS/Miami Poverty Initiatives and Workforce Initiatives/CareerSource South Florida at Lindsey Hopkins Center.


 The mission of the Office of Grants Administration is to secure funding that supports citywide initiatives by providing quality grant writing and leveraging strategic partnerships to enhance City services and revenue streams.


The Office of Grants Administration will continue to generate financial support from external sources and coordinate internal processes towards the City’s strategic initiatives. Our efforts will provide sustainability of programs and services that will enhance the quality of life for our community.

Our Philosophy

1.To serve City Departments to improve our community

2.To increase revenue to create opportunity

3.To provide grant oversight to ensure ethical compliance