Management Services Division

Management Services Division

Management Services Division

The major roles of the Management Services Division (MSD) are to provide personnel issues support for all divisions of the Fire Department and to act as liaison with other City of Miami Departments, as well as outside agencies on issues of importance to the department. This division handles “people issues” and strives to eliminate impediments to employees’ performance. This is accomplished by coordination of employee assistance programs and assisting injured employees in their efforts to regain full health while guiding them through the workers’ compensation process. The division also conducts investigations into allegations of employee misconduct and administers the department’s progressive discipline program, grievance and/or administrative hearings. Additionally, this division is responsible for coordinating select Information Technology initiatives in the department such as our internet and intranet sites. Finally, this division also serves as the Fire Chief’s representative at Civil Service and Pension Board meetings.

Labor Relations Section

Management Services Division is in charge of the department’s labor relations issues and the facilitation of communication to all divisions, as to the requirements of the various collective bargaining negotiated-agreements. The administrative functions within this section involves: the organization of the department’s labor management initiatives, the management of the department’s policies and procedures and the City’s rules and regulations governing the progressive disciplinary program, the coordination of administrative hearings, responding and tracking of employee grievances, conducting internal investigations of employee misconduct, citizens complaints, and employment verifications. In addition, this section also maintains an open line of communication with the Law Department, Labor Relations, Human Resources, and the Office of Equal Opportunity/Diversity Programs, to encourage an ongoing cooperative labor-management relation.

Personnel Section

The Personnel section is delegated with the responsibility of fostering a positive employment experience for all our employees through various services. This includes the oversight of employees' well-being initiatives, such as random substance abuse screening, annual physical examinations, vaccinations for Flu and Hepatitis B and assisting employees who have incurred work-related injuries that require medical services. This division also leads the department’s Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) program. This program is designed to function as a referral agent for employees and their families who experience post-trauma syndromes. This has been especially helpful to our Urban Search and Rescue Team (FL-TFII) following their deployment to the September 11th terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, Earthquake/Hurricane disaster in Haiti, and other major events.

Firefighter Recruit Hiring

This section acts as a liaison and works closely with the Department of Human Resources (HR) from the inception to conclusion of the hiring process while coordinating the recruitment, application and selection process to fill vacant positions within the Fire Department. Such administrative functions include: the processing of applicants, the coordination of our Backgrounds Unit, the facilitation and management of applicants with the scheduling of medical examinations, uniform distribution and issuance of employee Identification Cards. The overall goal throughout this process is to assure fair consideration of all candidates and compliance with the City’s Civil Service Rules.

Management Information Section

The Information Management section, working in conjunction with the Fire Information Technology Committee (FIT) is commissioned with the responsibilities of coordinating select Information Technology initiatives for the entire department, as well as monitoring the progress of these City-wide projects. This includes the enhancements of the department’s Internet and Intranet websites. Recent projects include the implementation of the SafetyPad electronic patient care reporting software, the development of the Illness Tracking and Overtime databases, as well the development and implementation of an array of other applications and databases to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the department. Our objective is to link the needs of our operating divisions with City resources, in an effort to streamline existing methodologies and implement “best business practices”.

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