Logistics Division

Logistics Division

The primary function of the Logistics Division is to provide logistical support to the Department's Fire Suppression units, Emergency Medical Services, special function apparatuses, and equipment to keep them in a state of readiness for safe and efficient response to all emergencies.

The Logistics Division is responsible for the acquisition of all operational supplies. This Division provides logistical support for all operational and staff functions. T

he Logistics Division is divided into six (6) sections or areas of responsibilities:


This Section is responsible for managing, coordinating, and maintaining the budget for the entire Division. The division administers ninety (90) percent of the Fire Department's operating budget. The Administration section is also responsible for the specifications involving the apparatuses and equipment purchased for the entire Department.

Fire Garage

The Fire Garage is responsible for providing the necessary preventative maintenance, repairs, and modifications to all emergency fire apparatuses and firefighting equipment. The Department's fleet consists of eleven (11) first line pumpers, three (3) first line aerials, four (4) first line squirts, twenty-three (23) first line rescue units, twenty (20) special apparatuses, and fourteen (14) spare apparatuses. This Section maintains an adequate inventory on hand of the tools, parts, and equipment necessary to accomplish its mission.


Logistics is responsible for firefighting, rescue equipment and supplies, uniforms, protective equipment, station housekeeping supplies, and stationery supplies. Logistics provides the specifications for the equipment and supplies procured and ensures adequate inventory of tools, equipment, and supplies for efficient operations.

Capital Improvement Projects

This Section is responsible for the Department's capital projects, including, but not limited to: construction of new fire stations, major repair or modification of existing fire stations (such as roof repairs or replacements), installation of new flooring, kitchens and bathrooms, and the replacement of major appliances.

Facilities Maintenance

Facilities Maintenance is responsible for the routine maintenance and repair of all Rescue facilities. This includes painting, minor structural repairs, minor plumbing work, air-conditioning maintenance and repairs, and other work involved in keeping the fire station and other department facilities up and running.

Quality Management Program

This Program is responsible for quality management of the Fire Garage operations and its related functions. It is also responsible for developing performance and design specifications for new vehicles and equipment.