Emergency Response Division

Emergency Response Division

The Emergency Response Division (ERD) is the largest and most visible Division of the Miami Fire Rescue Department. It is responsible for the protection of lives and property of the residents and visitors to the City of Miami through the provision of Fire Suppression/Mitigation, Emergency Medical Services, and Special Operations.

ERD staff consists of an Assistant Fire Chief who has overall responsibility for the Division, a Special Operations Chief who is responsible for the Technical Rescue Team, Hazardous Materials Team, Dive Team & Fire Boat crews. There is an ERD Operations Officer, the Fire Department's Safety Officer, Fire ERD Staff Officer and three Special Operations Staff Officers all who provide administrative support for the division. The Operations personnel include 678 sworn firefighter/paramedics (or EMT's) who work on three 24 hour shifts. The breakdown is 13 District Chiefs, 56 Captains, 153 Lieutenants, and 456 Firefighter/paramedics housed in 15 Fire Stations whithin 3 Districts.

ERD continues to meet the demand for the community's traditional needs of Fire mitigation and ever expanding more complex needs such as Hazardous Materials emergencies, complex technical Rescue emergencies and water related emergencies handled by the dive team and Fire boat.

2015 Alarm Information

Emergency Medical dispatches: 86,002
Fire/Other dispatches:14,003
Major Code 1 Fires 23

Cardiac Save Rate

In 2015, Miami Fire Rescue EMT's and paramedics arrived on 562 patients in cardiac arrest (sudden death) as well as 29 patients in respiratory arrest. Due to advanced life support efforts by our personnel, 140 cardiac arrest patients were treated and responded with return of spontaneous circulation. This resuscitation rate of 25% is far above the national average of 8 %.

Significant Accomplishments for 2015: