Health and EMS Division

Health and EMS Division
Assistant Chief
Assistant Fire Chief
Robert Hevia
Contact Information

City of Miami Fire Rescue
Health & EMS Division
1151 NW 7th St., 3rd floor
Miami, FL 33136

The Health & Emergency Medical Services Division is responsible for providing quality emergency medical treatment to the public and quick transportation of patients to emergency rooms. It also is responsible for the overall health and wellness of the department’s first responders. When it began, the division was the first of its kind in the State of Florida and continues to lead in areas of emergency medical response and innovation today.

This division of highly trained medical professionals comprises five units including:

Through its Infection Control unit, the division plays an important role in helping to maintain the health and safety of the community. Through its Quality Management unit, the division frequently audits and looks for ways to improve its response to emergency medical alarms. Through its Training and Evaluation unit, the division provides its first responders with the working medical knowledge, information and up-to-date tools needed to evaluate, save and treat patients, and transport them quickly to hospital emergency rooms. Through its Health and Wellness program, the division helps to keep its personnel in top physical and mental condition, including when a first responder is exposed to a health risk.

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