Division of Emergency Management

Division of Emergency Management

Emergency Management

The Emergency Management Section is responsible for coordinating citywide disaster preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation concerns for all City departments. This section creates, updates, and participates the City’s Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP), which culminates in an annual citywide disaster exercise.

As part of its response duties, this Section is responsible for the deployment and management of the City of Miami Emergency Operations Center (EOC). The City EOC is activated in order to maintain the continuity of municipal services any time a disaster threatens or occurs. The EOC becomes the operational link to both the public and private sector resources that would be required to successfully deal with a catastrophic event.

The Emergency Management Section is also responsible for the recovery phase of disaster operations. This Section guides the recovery process from its inception in the EOC through the restoration of damaged infrastructure and the recovery of reimbursement dollars from the State of Florida and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The mission of this Section is essential to maximize State and Federal aid before, during, and after disaster declarations occur and to improve City infrastructure. DMPA is responsible for coordinating all FEMA restoration and recovery work for all City departments.

This Divisions’ Hazard Mitigation and Recovery Specialist is responsible for identifying damages, conceptualizing restoration work, and reducing it to writing in the FEMA application format. Once the reimbursement grants are approved, the Hazard Mitigation and Recovery Specialist liaisons with the respective City departments involved in the project assure adherence to FEMA standards. The Division's Staff Auditor Principal assures the proper administration of all the financial aspects of the grant contracts associated with these projects.

Public Education Section

The City of Miami Department of Fire Rescue’s Public Education Section is responsible for providing citizens with important life saving messages in fire and injury prevention and scheduling truck and station presentations given by the men and women of the Emergency Response Division. In addition, the responsibility for creating a better understanding of the operations of the Fire-Rescue Department throughout the community is a major function of this section. Each year approximately 45,000 citizens in the City of Miami are reached through group presentations, hands on training and drills for businesses, community and educational institutions which include both adults and children. Additionally, our public education section hosts a learning station at the Children’s Fire Safety Festival in both February and October and reaches an additional 6000 elementary age children. The Juvenile Fire-setters Intervention Program services dozens of children and their families by performing educational interventions and psychological referrals each year.