Communications Division

Communications Division
Assistant Chief
Arturo Gomez
Contact Information

City of Miami
Department of Fire-Rescue
Communications Division
400 NW 2nd Ave
Miami, Florida 33128

The Communications Division is responsible for areas that support and contribute to the delivery of emergency services through radio, telephone and other electronic media. The Assistant Fire Chief Of Communications reports directly to the Deputy of Operations. Divisional areas of control include:

Communications Division is staffed with an Assistant Fire Chief (Chief of Communications), three (3) Fire Central Information Officers (1 Captain and 2 Lieutenants), a Quality Assurance Coordinator (Fire Lieutenant), a Communication Technical Coordinator (firefighter) a Communications Center Supervisor (civilian), four (4) Communications Operator Supervisors (4 civilians), and twenty (20 civilians) Communications Operators.

The Communications Division interfaces with Miami Police Department (MPD), General Services Administration (GSA), Information Technology, Human Resources, other City Of Miami and Miami Dade County government agencies along with outside vendors to meet the mission needs identified by the Department of Fire-Rescue.

The Communications Division has been involved in several major ongoing projects which include: relocating the existing Fire-Rescue Alarm Office to a backup location, replacing all Alarm Office infrastructure systems equipment, upgrading station alerting systems, implementing Cellular Phase II location mapping and infrastructure changes, and working with MPD and GSA in a citywide radio upgrade project to migrate to 800 MHz Type II. Significant progress was made this past year as these projects continue to develop.

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