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Online Application

1) Question:    Is there help available for the on-line application process? show answer

Answer:  Yes! Click here to access and print the Online Employment Application Guide. The guide will walk you through the online application process from login through submission of your application. You can also access and print this Online Employment Application Guide from the Job Openings page or from the HELP button at any step during the application process. Should you require further assistance, you can contact the City of Miami Employment Office at 305-416-2170 Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM-5:00 PM.

2) Question:    Do I need an email account to setup a “user account” and apply online? show answer

Answer: Yes. This is vital to completing an application online. User accounts are uniquely established for one person only and should not be shared others. A unique email account will allow you to receive -mail notification from the City after you have submitted your application. In addition, you can also receive -mail notifications when specific jobs of interest are posted.

3) Question:     I don't have an e-mail address. What can I do? show answer

Answer:  An e-mail address is required to submit an application online. Without an email account you will not be able to complete Job Interest Cards or apply online. If you wish to have an e-mail account you may sign up for a free one at many sites such as, but not limited to: Gmail www.gmail.com; Hotmail http://www.hotmail.com; Yahoo http://www.yahoomail.com.

4) Question:    How long does it take to complete an application online? Can you give me any additional tips? show answer

Answer:  It varies per individual, but we recommend that you allow yourself approximately 1 (one) hour to complete your application. We encourage you to thoroughly read and complete each part of the application in detail. You can add additional work history and education as needed by using the “Add” button. After you input your information, you will need to click on the “Save & View Application” button or “Save and Add button”. We encourage you to save your work often. If the system is inactive over 1 (one) hour, it will automatically log you off and will only retain information from the last time you clicked on one of the two Save buttons.

For additional details, view the Online Employment Application Guide on the GovernmentJobs log in page or from the “HELP” button found during every step of the application process. When completing the application form there are separate sections to complete, such as the personal profile, education, work experience, certificates or licenses, skills, any additional information, and references.

5) Question:    What file extensions are accepted for application attachments? show answer

Answer:  The City of Miami currently accepts the following document extensions: .bmp, .doc, .docx, .gif, .jpeg, .pdf, .xls, and .xlsx

6) Question:    How do I know the City of Miami Department of Human Resources received my online application? show answer

Answer:  If your online application has been successfully submitted you will receive a confirmation e-mail shortly after submission. You will also see the confirmation message on your PC screen. We suggest you print a copy of your submitted application and confirmation page information for future reference. If you did not receive a confirmation email shortly after you submitted your application online, check the application status when logged in to view details of the application submitted. Should you require further assistance, contact the City of Miami Employment Office at 305-416-2170 before the closing date of the position to which you applied to confirm receipt of your application.

7) Question:    After I submit my application, what happens next? show answer

Answer:  Your application will be reviewed to determine whether you meet the minimum requirements listed on the job announcement for the position. If you meet the minimum requirements, your application is eligible to be advanced to the next step of the selection process. Your application will either be forwarded to the appropriate hiring authority/department , or in the case of competitive recruitments, you will be notified of a test date and time.

8) Question:     I would like to submit documents to accompany an application I've already submitted. Where can I get a copy of the Document Submission Form? show answer

Answer:  Once an applicant has submitted their application online, they will be able to download the Document Submission Form from the confirmation page (as shown below). In addition, the same verbiage on the confirmation page is sent to an applicant's email address, including the link to download the Document Submission Form, which is accessible 24/7.

Click here for the Document Submission Form. Please note that documents received after the recruitment closing date will not be accepted.

9) Question:    If I submit more than one online application during an active recruitment, which application will be considered? show answer

Answer:  The City of Miami will only acknowledge the last (most recent) application submitted for employment. Whether the application was submitted online or at the City of Miami Employment Office Window, only the last application submitted will be accepted. City of Miami staff will not be responsible for sorting through various applications to match documents submitted during the same recruitment process; hence it is important that any new submissions of applications include a complete application packet, including any documents that are required to qualify.

For online applications, the reapply period is 24 hours from the time you submitted your most recent application for a position. For example, if you applied for Admin Aide at 11:29 AM today, you will not be able to reapply until 11:30am tomorrow, but only the most recent application will be given consideration.

10) Question:    I have forgotten my user name and password – what can I do? show answer

Answer:  Click here to access the login screen. Click on the “I forgot my password” link and follow the instructions.

The system will guide you through each step of the application process.
The application steps are:
• Log into GovernmentJobs
• Job Application
• Agency-wide questions
• Supplemental questions (if applicable)
• Confirm Application
• Certify and Submit

Please advise that all applications must be submitted by the closing date to avoid automatic disqualification.

11) Question:    I was filling out my application and I lost all my information. What happened? show answer

Answer:  You may have clicked the Back button (located on your toolbar) which when used, removes all data on the page that has not been saved. This is done as a security measure for you so that no one can revert backward in an application and tamper with your information contained in your profile. Avoid losing your information by saving your information before you leave the page. When you are entering information within a page, do not use your Back button.

12) Question:    Can I complete an online job application in advance of a job opening? show answer

Answer:  Yes, you may establish your personal profile and thoroughly complete the application form in advance, BUT your application will not be given employment consideration until the recruitment opens and you “submit” your application for a specific job. To create your “Job Application” for future use:
  • Go to www.governmentjobs.com.
  • Click on the Career Seekers tab at the top of the page.
  • Enter your Username and Password or follow the instructions to create a new account if you do not have one.
  • Click on the “Create Application” button and follow the instructions. You can create an application (or you can modify one) and it will remain stored in the system for future use. You can create and modify as many applications as you wish.
  • When you apply for jobs with the City of Miami, you will use the same Username and Password you created with www.governmentjobs.com 

13) Question:    How can I be notified of a job opening? show answer

Answer:  From the City of Miami home page, click on the Employment tab , on the left panel, click on Job Openings, then the Job Interest Card link. and follow the instructions. Completing a Job Interest Card will enable you to be notified of all jobs posted in any of the categories that you check for a period of twelve months or until you unsubscribe from the interest card list, whichever comes first. Four weeks prior to a job interest card's expiration date, the applicant will be sent an email notification. The email will include a link to a webpage which will allow users to renew their interest card for another twelve months. Prospective applicants will only be notified once for each job posting, and will need to SUBMIT an employment application for the specific job in order to receive employment consideration

14) Question:    I want to apply online, but don't have a personal computer, where can I go to apply online? show answer

Answer:  The City of Miami has several Technology Learning Centers, Parks, and selected NET Service Centers that are equipped with Computer Labs that are open to the public. Additionally, applicants can come to the City of Miami Employment Office located at 444 SW 2nd Avenue, Room 129 of the Miami Riverside Center (MRC) building and one of the computer kiosks to apply online. If you do not reside within the City of Miami corporate limits, you can go to the nearest public library to access computers that are available for public use. Click here to view a listing of all the City of Miami's Technology Learning Centers and Public Computer Labs.

15) Question:    Do I have to apply online? show answer

Answer:  No, however, we strongly recommend that you do. Applying online will help you save time and money (i.e. - postage, gas, parking fees), and provide other benefits.

16) Question:    What are the other benefits of applying online? show answer

Answer:  By applying online you can check your application status, instantly update information at your leisure. By doing so, you are also supporting the City of Miami Mayor's Green Initiatives for saving the environment.

17) Question:    Do I have to turn off my SPAM filter(s) to receive email notifications from the City of Miami? show answer

Answer:  Yes. You will need to alter your SPAM filter so that any emails from miamigov.com, neogov.com, and governmentjobs.com will be delivered to your Inbox and not your Junk Mail. Depending on the email service provider, you may have to include these websites on a “safe” list to ensure that you receive all communications regarding your online application status or Job Interest Card submission.

18) Question:    Once I fill out a job interest card, when will I be notified that the recruitment is open? show answer

Answer:  Notifications for job interest cards are sent out between 3am-6am daily. Once a recruitment has posted, you will receive this notification between those hours.

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