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1)  Question:    What does it mean to be "classified"?    show answer

Answer: It means that the position is covered by a special set of rules called the Civil Service Rules.  Our Civil Service rules outline where job announcements must be posted, how positions are filled, how applicants are notified of their status, the length of probationary periods, how transfers can be made, and how seniority is calculated, among other things.  For more information on the Civil Service Rules click here.

2)  Question:    What is Civil Service all about? show answer

Answer: Civil Service has at its foundation the premise that government employees should be hired based upon merit and that Civil Service selection methods should be job-related, and appointments and promotions are to be based upon merit.  The purpose of such systems was to end the practice of giving government jobs as rewards for political support.  Civil service was established initially in the federal government and later adopted at local government levels.  The City of Miami has its own Civil Service Board and rules.  

3)  Question:    If I am a classified employee, does that mean I have to join a union? show answer

Answer:  No, being classified only means that you are covered by the terms outlined in the Civil Service Rules.  Employees covered by labor agreements are also covered by the Civil Service Rules.  Labor agreements represent a special contractual agreement between management and a specified group of employees.  In cases where a conflict exists between the Civil Service Rules and the language in labor contracts, the labor contract supersedes the Rules.  When the contract is silent, the Civil Service Rules apply.  For additional questions, please contact the Labor Relations Division of Human Resources at (305) 416-2060.  

4)  Question:    How can I find out about recruitments for Civil Service positions? show answer

Answer:  The Department of Human Resources is required to post job announcements.    The job announcement tells the job title, the salary, the minimum requirements that applicants must meet in order to qualify, the type of work and the period of time within which applicants must submit their applications.  It also contains information about documentation requirements that must be met before the closing date.  Job announcements are posted throughout the City, including in the Employment Office (MRC-1st Floor), the Civil Service Office (MRC-7th Floor), and the City's website.

5)  Question:    Where is the City's Employment Office? show answer

Answer: The Employment Office is located in Room 129 of the Municipal Riverside Center (MRC) building, the address for which is 444 SW 2nd Avenue, Room 129, Miami, FL  33130.   

6)  Question:    How are requirements determined?  show answer

Answer: The requirements are determined by Human Resources using the job specification as the foundation.     

7)  Question:    How do I apply for a classified City position with the City of Miami? show answer

Answer: You must submit a completed City of Miami Employment Application Form with copies of the required documents to the Employment Office by the closing date.  Your application must bear an original signature. Your eligibility for a particular position will be evaluated based on the information you include on your application, so it is imperative that you  include all information you feel should be considered on your application.   

8)  Question:    Can I submit a resume to apply for a position the City is recruiting for? show answer

Answer:  While resumes may be submitted as supporting documentation, to apply for a position in the City of Miami, applicants must apply by submitting a City of Miami application form either electronically, or through the manual process (paper applications). Resumes may not be submitted in lieu of City authorized employment application forms. Online applications can be submitted at any time from a location convenient to you during the active recruitment period. These applications are immediately uploaded directly to the City's database, powered by NEOGOV. To apply online please visit www.miamigov.com/employment, select the position you want to apply for and click “Apply for this position.” Read and follow the directions to complete the online application. If you are submitting your application online, you must click the ‘Accept' button. Clicking the ‘Accept' button will serve as your electronic signature when applying online. Manual applications must be submitted before the closing date, in person or through the U.S. Postal Service at 444 SW 2nd Avenue, Room 129, Miami, FL 33130 and must be submitted during the normal operating hours of the City of Miami Employment Office. Manual applications submitted through the US mail must be postmarked by the closing date, and must bear an original signature to avoid disqualification.


9) Question:   If I am employed by the City, can I apply for any position? show answer

Answer: Being employed by the City means that you get a paycheck from the City's Finance Department every 2 weeks.  It does not include personnel from temporary agencies, expert consultants, independent contractors, or volunteers.  Whether you are a classified, unclassified, part-time or temporary employee, you may apply for positions under “RESTRICTED” or “OPEN” recruitments.  The only positions for which you may be automatically barred from consideration will be recruitments that are “PROMOTIONAL.”  Promotional requirements only allow employees with a predetermined amount of time in a particular classification to apply and qualify.  Look at the very bottom / end of the job announcement to identify the type of recruitment.     

10) Question:   How long are jobs posted? show answer

Answer: Job announcements are usually posted for a minimum of 2 weeks, allowing time for distribution and circulation and affording those interested ample time to apply.  The length of recruitments may vary depending on the size of the applicant pool needed and the difficulty in recruitment.  It is always better to apply when you first see the posting as opposed to procrastinating until the closing date.     

11) Question:  What happens if I do not get all of the requested information submitted before the closing date? show answer

Answer: Application packages will be considered incomplete unless all of the documents are submitted along with the application. While copies of diplomas or degrees or unofficial transcripts may be sufficient to apply, official copies of transcripts for education above high school will be required upon your acceptance of employment.  It is to your advantage to give particular attention to the minimum and preferred requirements and to relate your qualifications to these requirements as appropriate. 

12) Question:   What is an eligible register? show answer

Answer:  An eligible register is a list of names that indicates the status of all persons who applied within a recruitment period for a particular classification.  Though called an “eligible” register, the register actually contains the names of eligible and ineligible applicants.  An eligible register typically remains active for one year, but can remain active for as long as two years.    

13) Question:  Should I submit an application for a position while a job announcement is posted if I do not want to work in the department that has the vacancy? show answer

Answer:  You should look at the type of position moreso than the department.  Because the life of the register is from one to two years, several departments may have vacancies during the life of a register.  If you do not apply when the job announcement is posted, you will be barred from consideration for the remainder of the time that the register is active.   

14) Question:  If I meet the requirements, will I be interviewed? show answer

Answer: Even if you apply and are determined to be eligible, you are not guaranteed an interview.  The department has sole discretion in which eligible applicants it interviews.  The only way that you would be guaranteed an interview is if five or less people were determined to be eligible on the register, and no supplemental recruitment was conducted to attract a larger pool of applicants. 

15) Question:  Are departments required to interview based upon seniority? show answer

Answer: No.  

16) Question:  If I am a City employee, and non-City employees are on the eligible register, am I guaranteed an interview? show answer

Answer: No. The hiring department has sole discretion of who is interviewed from the list of eligible applicants sent by Human Resources.  If you are interviewed, however, and are in equal standing with external candidates who competed in the process, departments would be required to give you preference in selection- barring any disciplinary actions or records of substandard performance.     

17) Question:  Any helpful hints when I apply for a classified position? show answer

Answer: Apply by the closing date, take the time to complete your application thoroughly, and do not assume that the screener knows what your job duties have included!!  Include corresponding documents, both required and beneficial with your application by the closing date.  The Civil Service Rules require that applications that do not demonstrate on the face of the application that the minimum requirements are met be disqualified.  It is wise to gather copies of employment-related documents, including educational credentials before you need them.  That way, they will be available if and when you are required to provide proof as part of a recruitment process.  Don't forget to place an original signature on your application!  If you have questions, ask a staff member from Recruitment and Selection before the closing date.  One more thing…Don't wait until the last minute.  Haste oftentimes does make waste.   

18) Question:  Is there a limit to the number of positions that I can apply for? show answer

Answer: No, there is no limit on the number of positions for which you may apply.  Each time you apply, you will be required to submit a new application form and the corresponding documents.  To facilitate this application process, we recommend that you use the Omniform (fillable) application form that is on the City's website.  By utilizing the fillable application form, you will not have to re-write the application each time.  You can save the application to your computer, then modify, update or print it as you need to - only being required to sign the newly printed version.  It is a real time saver!    

19) Question:  After the closing date, what happens? show answer

Answer: After the closing date, Human Resources staff screens applications based upon the criteria stated in the job announcement.  Some classifications require an examination, on which applicants must achieve a minimum score to be considered eligible.  These are called competitive processes.  Other classifications do not.  In either case, a register is created that reflects the status of all applicants who applied under the current recruitment.  Once that list is established, departments across the City are required to choose applicants to fill positions from that list of eligible applicants for that given classification.  Once a department has its selection process approved by Human Resources, the names of eligible candidates are referred to operating departments on a certification list.  Only the names on a certification list may be considered.  Interview/Selection processes are conducted, and based upon the results, selections are made.   

20) Question:  Are all names sent to the hiring department of applicants who passed the test, for those classifications that require examinations? show answer

Answer: No.  For competitive recruitments - those requiring an exam on which applicants must achieve a minimum score to be considered eligible– all names may not be referred to the operating department.  Only those scoring highest on the examination will be referred to the hiring department.  The number of names referred will depend on the number of vacancies that will be filled.  When the recruitment is non-competitive, all eligible names will be referred to the operating department for consideration, the names appearing in alphabetical order – except for veterans, who will be given special preference as provided by law.  

21) Question:  How are interviews conducted in a classified selection process? show answer

Answer: Applicants selected will compete in a structured interview process.  This process is outlined in Labor-Management Policy 3-92.   

22) Question:  Who determines the questions and exercises for classified positions? show answer

Answer: The department proposes questions and exercises for the selection processes that are reviewed by the Department of Human Resources.  This review is conducted to ensure that questions and exercises are job-related, appropriate to the job, unbiased, and fair.  All questions submitted by a hiring department may not be approved.  The role of Human Resources is to ensure the questions are appropriate.  The Employee Relations Department may also substitute questions when appropriate, and secure the questions until the date of the interview to preserve the integrity of the process.   

23) Question:  Who conducts interviews? show answer

Answer:  Interviews are conducted by an ethnic and gender-balanced panel of raters who have been trained on the City's interview process.  All interviews are conducted under the oversight of an impartial monitor who serves as a watchdog - ensuring equity during the interview process.  The Monitor also reviews and tallies the ratings, ensures that ratings are assigned in accordance with guidelines, and files a written report at the conclusion of the interview process.  All raters are required to be at the level or higher of the classification being interviewed.  Additionally, raters must not pose any conflict of interest for any applicant competing in the process that would give one candidate an unfair advantage over another.  

24) Question:  How can I receive training as a rater? show answer

Answer: You can call our Testing and Validation Section at (305) 416-2011, and request that you be notified when the next training is scheduled.  Your name will be placed on a list for an upcoming training session.  Based upon work priorities and the demand for training, sessions will be conducted a few times a year.  When training is scheduled, you will be sent written notification so that you can reserve your spot, provided that you have obtained the required supervisory approval.  Training is typically a one day process.  It is necessary that you complete the entire training class to be added to the rater list.    

25) Question:  Can my supervisor sit on my panel? show answer

Answer:    Your supervisor may serve as a rater, but it is not likely that your supervisor will be allowed to rate your interview.  That would probably be perceived as placing other candidates who do not report to your supervisor at an unfair disadvantage in the process.  Another rater familiar with the questions and the approved process under the oversight of the monitor would be allowed to sit for your interview. 

26) Question:  Who selects the raters who will sit on the panel? show answer

Answer:  Hiring departments may propose raters, however it is subject to approval from the Department of Human Resources.  In selecting raters, the candidates who are to be interviewed should be considered to avoid potential conflicts of interest, whether work-related or personal.  Once an interview process begins, if conflicts of interest become evident and cannot be resolved, the interview process may be discarded or delayed.  Additionally, should it be determined that a process has not been conducted in such a manner that applicants were provided a fair and equal opportunity based upon the merits of the job, the Director of Human Resources may nullify the interview process.  

27) Question:  Can I see the interview results? show answer

Answer: The interview results report, which contains the bands in which candidates rank is a public record, and may be viewed anyone who asks.  Individual answer sheets, however, can only be reviewed by the individual candidate as this information is exempt from public disclosure.   

28) Question:  Does seniority count in the interview process? show answer

Answer: Yes, if you have permanent Civil Service status in a classification within the job family, you will receive seniority points, which will make up 10% of the weight of your final score, with the exception sworn of Police and Fire positions.  Seniority is only awarded for classifications held within the same classified job family. 

29) Question:  Any tips on how to prepare for interviews? show answer

Answer: Remember that interviews are a conversation with a purpose.  The purpose is to let the raters observe your knowledge, skill, abilities, experience and demeanor.  No one can convey this but YOU!!  Listen carefully to the questions asked and directions given, and respond appropriately.  When suitable, give examples to support your statements.  Do not assume that you will be prompted with follow up questions.  You may not be.  If you are not, whatever your response was, is what will be rated.  While it is not impressive or a good idea to read word-for word, you may briefly refer to your resume to assist you in recalling time periods and details in your work history.  It never hurts to brush up on your interviewing skills with a friend with a constructively critical eye and ear.  Additionally, be aware that many of our processes include practical exercises which require that you demonstrate your abilities.   

30) Question:  If I think there has been an error or some unfairness, who can I complain to? show answer

Answer: You may direct your concerns or appeals to the Director of Employee Relations at 444 SW 2nd Avenue, 7th Floor, Miami, FL.  If it concerns your disqualification for a position for which you have applied, the same application you initially submitted will be reviewed by a different staff member than the initial screener and referred to the Director of Human Resources for final determination.  If it concerns the interview process, you may direct your questions to the Testing and Validation staff, and if not resolved, direct your comments or questions to the Director of Human Resources.  The City is committed to ensuring that applicants be afforded equal opportunity in employment.    

31) Question:  How soon after employment am I allowed to apply for classified positions? show answer

Answer: There is nothing which prohibits you from applying for any classified job opportunity once you have been hired with the City.  If you have been hired into a classified position, you may wish to remain in a classified position until you have attained permanent status, giving you rollback rights, but you may apply for positions immediately – regardless of whether you are a probationary, unclassified, temporary, or part-time employee.   

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