City Administrative Policies

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Administrative Policies/APMs

APM-1-12 Absentee Ballots
APM-1-08 ADA
APM -3-77

Agenda Preparation Procedure - Regular

APM -2-77

Agenda Preparation Procedure for Planning & Zoning City Commission  Meetings

APM -2-85 Applicant Interview Expense
APM -2-86

Awarding Veterans Preference

APM -3-01

Cell Phone and Auto Allowance

APM -10-79 City Employee Residence
APM -5-81 City Manager Grievance Procedure
APM -1-79

Civil Service Board Elections

APM -3-82

Commendation Paid Leave/Advanced Vacation Leave

APM -5-86

Commitment to Policy Decisions Affecting the City of Miami

APM -1-80

Computers and Communications Users Committee

APM 1-09 Domestic Partnerships
APM 2-07 Domestic Violence Leave
LMP -1-78

Donation of Firearms to Retiring Police Officers

APM -1-92

Donation of Leave Time

APM -2-10 Dress Code Policy
APM -3-12 Drug Free Work Place Program
APM -1-02 Employee Transition
APM -1-85

Employee Discounts

APM -3-80

Employee Enrollment

APM -1-04 Employee Separation
APM -3-86

Employees Bidding on City Surplus Property

APM -1-03 Equal Employment Opportunity
APM -2-92

Establishing Administrative Policies

APM -3-08 Family and Medical Leave
APM -1-16 FEMA Procurement Regulations
APM -3-02 Florida Disaster Volunteer Leave Act
APM -2-09 Furlough Leave Days
APM -1-88

Forms Management Procedures

APM -8-78

Grants and Grant Administration

APM -3-78

Hurricane Protection Procedures

LMP -4-81

Insurance Requirements of Employees Using Personally Owned Vehicles for City Business

LMP -3-92

Interview Procedures

APM -4-79

Leasing of Light Equipment

APM -1-81

Limitations on Political Activity

APM -1-18


APM -1-83

Long Distance Telephone Calls

APM- 1-11 Media Relations Policy
APM- 3-11 Miami Riverside Center Security and Parking
APM- 1-05 Military Leave Supplemental Pay and Benefits
APM -4-86

Minority and Women Business Affairs and Procurement Program

APM -2-97

Name Clearing Hearings

APM -1-90 Outside Employment Request
APM -9-78

Outstanding Employee of the Year

APM -2-11

Overpayment and Correction Procedures

APM -2-78

Parking of City Vehicles on Official Business

APM -5-78

Pay Policy

APM -2-12 Police Succession/Transition Policy
APM -2-82

Policy for City-wide Communications Service

APM -6-79

Position Classification Policy

APM -2-91

Pre-Bid Opening Procedures

APM -1-94

Progressive Disciplinary Guidelines

APM -2-81

Promotions from Competitive Registers

APM - 4-11 Public Records
APM - 1-07

Purchasing Card Program

APM -3-98

Quarterly Achievement Award Program

APM -1-89

Ranking and Selection of Unified Development and Professional Services Project Proposals

APM -2-98

Relief of Duty Policy

APM -3-83

Relocation Expenses

APM -4-08

Safety and Loss Prevention

APM -1-06 Salary Basis/Exempt Employees
APM -2 02 Selection Preference for City Residents
APM -1-86

Severance Policy

APM -3-81

Sexual Harassment

APM -3-91

Sick Leave

APM -1-91

Smoking Policy

APM-2-13 Social Media

Social Security Number

LMP -1-84

Special Funding Request

APM -4-80

Staff Liaison to City Boards and Committees

APM -2-80

Standards for City-wide Duplicating Requirements

APM -4-02 Temporary/Part time Employees
APM-1-10 Training and Development Policy
APM -1-77

Travel on City Business

APM -1-19

Treatment of Homeless Persons' Property

APM -4-77

Tuition Refund Program

APM -8-79

Unclassified Position Request

APM -4-82

Use of City Hall

APM -1-17

Use of Parks Equipment for Events

APM -1-98

Use of the City's Communication Information System

APM -2-87

Vacation Usage/Carryover/Payoff

LMP -5-82

Valid Florida Drivers License Required to Operate City Vehicles

APM -3-99


APM -2-01

Volunteers for City Sponsored Graduation Coaches Program, Mentorship Programs, and Related Activities

APM -1-99

Work Place Violence

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