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The City of Miami, FL has created a program that responds to the demands of its community and the modern economic development enterprise with A.C.C.E.S.S. (Assets, Capital, Community, Education, Savings and Success) Miami, a municipal asset-building model for national replication. ACCESS Miami is a poverty reduction strategy that was developed out of the mayor’s original Anti-Poverty Initiative; pulling from this founding vision of economic opportunity for all  residents, program efficiency and performance outcomes while synchronizing a continuity amongst all programs, brand recognition and ease of access to resident benefits.

ACCESS Miami is a well-designed comprehensive, city-wide initiative aimed at increasing residents’ access to the financial tools that are fundamental to economic prosperity and success. By increasing access to educational and financial resources while harnessing the strength of existing community assets, ACCESS Miami provides City residents with increased opportunities to build wealth, improve financial literacy and save for the future. ACCESS Miami also leverages resources from the public and private sectors, participation from community-based organizations and dedication from the residents themselves. By focusing on asset accumulation, access to capital and job creation/retention, ACCESS Miami creates a comprehensive financial growth strategy rooted in education and savings that promotes economic prosperity for all small businesses entrepreneurs and residents.

The goal of ACCESS Miami is to create a recognizable and marketable overarching theme to provide continuity to all of the elements previously falling within the Mayor’s original poverty reduction plan as well as add new programs that enhance the existing financial independence efforts. It is built upon four cornerstones: Access to Existing Benefits; Access to Capital; Building Wealth and Accumulating Assets, and Improve Financial Literacy. These four cornerstones are the fundamental elements to assisting both City residents and small business entrepreneurs.

Economic initiatives:   Home | Contact Us | About Us