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The City of Miami's Office of Grants Administration - Economic Initiatives is at the forefront of providing small business owners with information and support to help their small businesses grow. This new Miami Business Solutions Resource Guide was created as a way to encourage entrepreneurism and small business development. Starting your business can be difficult at times. This guide seeks to help you along the way by providing resources and basic information to get you started in the right direction.

Before we get to the process of starting a new small business, here is a description of the services the Office of Grants Administration - Economic Initiatives offers to new and existing businesses in Miami:
  • Access Miami: Standing for Assets, Capital, Community, Education, Savings and Success. Access Miami unites city resources with similar resources available in the public, private, and non-profit sectors, to offer tools and education that help City residents improve their quality of life.
  • Brownfields: Brownfields are abandoned, inactive, or under-used industrial or commercial properties where actual or perceived environmental issues complicate their sale, expansion, and/or redevelopment.
  • Buy Miami: Buy Miami is a marketing opportunity to enhance local exposure of the City's small businesses. We found there was a need for businesses to have a voice on the web and for locals to find great discounts at local businesses.

Brief Overview: The first step you will take before opening your business is to determine whether small business ownership is right for you. To determine if your new business has the potential for success, you should start off by writing a business plan to act as your road map. Your business plan requires you to research and understand the many different parts of your new business that you may not have thought about before. Once you have written your business plan and determined the legal structure your new business will have, you are ready to begin registering with the federal, state, and local governments.

The first government entity to consult is the federal government. Depending on your business there may be federal regulations to comply with, and most businesses need to register with the IRS for a Federal Employment Identification Number or EIN. You will next consult with the state government. In addition to your EIN, some businesses will also need to register for the Florida States and Use tax. Most professions need to apply for a license through the State of Florida. After you have received any necessary licensing, if your business is located within the City of Miami, you will need to apply for a Certificate of Use and a Business Tax Receipt with the City. Once the City has issued you a City of Miami Business Tax Receipt and Certificate of Use, you will also need to apply for a Business Tax Receipt with Miami Dade County. Our goal in this resource guide is to help you open your new business by providing some basic information to get you started.

Disclaimer: The City does not represent, guarantee, or affirm that any information included by participating organizations is true or correct. The City is not responsible for the content of the resource guide. The Resource Guide does not constitute the giving of business, tax, legal, regulatory, corporate or other advice by the City of Miami. This practical resource guide is a tool for your benefit.

Download here to access the full guide for Miami Business Solutions: A Practical Resource Guide to Open a New Business IN THE CITY OF MIAMI.

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