The mission of the CRB is effectively carried out through the board's committees listed below:

Law Enforcement Committee

One of the primary missions of the Community Relations Board is to intervene and contain community tensions. This committee works proactively to identify and relieve inter-group conflicts before crisis arise and to develop bridges of understanding, communication, and mutual respect.

Programs & Community Outreach Committee

The Programs & Community Outreach Committee's primary objective is to become knowledgeable about the various neighborhoods, ethnic groups, social issues and leadership groups within the City of Miami; in efforts of developing events, educational & social programs, and special projects to diminish community tension and improve inter-group relations. Through this committee, the Community Relations Board (CRB) has developed the Student Participation and NET Liaison initiatives. The goal of Student Participation initiative is to involve high school students in the work of the CRB. This initiative serves as a catalyst for dialogue between the school community and the City Manager's Office. Through the NET Liaison initiative the CRB is able to identify neighborhood concerns and needs.

Nominating Committee

The CRB is the only board that has a nominating committee which is responsible for making recommendations to the City of Miami Commissioners for potential candidates to serve on the CRB. Nominees are submitted to the City Clerk to be included on a city commission meeting agenda for appointment. This committee is comprised of current board members.

If you are interested in serving on the Board, please submit your application. For more information, please contact Haydee Wheeler, Director of Neighborhood Enhancement Team, by calling (305) 416-2074 or via email at