Functions and Officers of the Board

LEGISLATIVE - As a legislative body, the Civil Service Board adopts or amends the Civil Service Rules as required to continually serve the best interest of the City and its employees. Such adoptions or amendments require public hearing and final approval by the City Commission. 

QUASI-JUDICIAL - In this capacity, the Civil Service Board acts like a court in hearing appeals of disciplinary actions, grievances and investigation hearings concerning alleged violations of Civil Service Rules and Regulations (from employees and non-employees) and unsatisfactory service rating hearings.

ADMINISTRATIVE - The Civil Service Board is responsible for performing those administrative functions that affect the integrity of the merit system. While the daily, routine personnel functions of the City are performed by the Department of Employee Relations, the Board retains the authority to approve a variety of special requests.


Lillie Harris, Chair
Vishwani Ramlal, Chief Examiner
Michael Dames, Board Member
Travis Lindsey, Board Member
Troy Sutton, Board Member