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The Building Department enforces codes and regulations established by the Florida and Miami-Dade County governing the construction, alteration, and maintenance of buildings and structures within the City of Miami for the protection of residents and property.


Building Administration

Prepares and implements the departmental budget, monitors revenue, personnel activities and the issuance of all certificates; performs routine clerical duties, and legislative packages as required.



Conducts research on record requests received from the general public; coordinates the digitizing of records to comply with State of Florida Public Records requirements; maintains control of all records; enters and retrieves information from the filing system.


Permit Counter

Issues permits; collects fees and records it in a computerized system; performs data entry; assists callers and monitors message center; returns calls and distributes messages as needed; reviews and prepares documents for digitizing reviews a variety of permit documents for accuracy and legibility maintains electronic files.


Plans Review

Assists homeowners and contractors with permits and plans review process; establishes procedures and guidelines to expedite the plans review process, supervises the organization and coordination of the plans review process of all sections to ensure they are completed in a timely manner. 


Inspection Services

Conducts field inspections of new construction, remodeling, repairs and condemnation and possession of permits; checks for conformity with Florida and Miami-Dade County Building Codes and approved plans and specification requirements; plans and procedures for carrying out of inspection activities affecting installations, materials and appliances.


Unsafe Structures

All unsafe structures are hereby declared to be illegal, and such illegality shall be abated by completion, repair or rehabilitation or by demolition in accordance with the City of Miami procedures.


Home Owner Assistance & Building Help Desk

Contractors must be registered with the City of Miami. Building Help Desk allows to create new Plans, additional plans, issue permits and Building questions.


Permit Completion Requests online
In order to expedite the Permit Completion requests processing, the City of Miami increased the maximum Cost of the project allowed for online requests to $100,000 and those requests will be approved inmmediatly.

Permit Concierge Service
In-home service offered to
seniors, disabled and veterans
This Service can be requested by calling (305) 416-2000 or emailing
Once scheduled, a Concierge Permit Processor will visit the homeowner to collect the permit application, plans/supporting documents, and payment (credit card only).
The Concierge Permit Processor will remain in contact with the homeowner and return as needed for any required corrections and final delivery.
Permits eligible for the Permit Concierge service are the residential permits eligible for the Expedited Permit Process. Commercial permits are not eligible.

Important Notice
Due to our ongoing renovation efforts, effective June 18th, 2018: Public Works, Zoning and Environmental Resources plan reviewers have been relocated to other floors.
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New Expedited Permit Process starting April 9th, 2018
Find permits qualifying for expedited permit process: If your permit qualifies for this process, a permit application signed and notarized and 2 copies of the stated documents must be submitted for review.

Starting January 8th, 2018
Plans will be inactivated as per the Florida Building Code:
  • If the plan has not been accepted in 90 days
  • If the plan does not receive an approval in 180 days
  • If after all the approvals the permit is not obtained in 90 days
  • If the permit is not paid in 90 days
To request plan activation, Architect, Contractor or Owner shall provide signed and notarized letter, addressed to the Building Official, detailing reasons for non-activity.
If plan activation request is not submitted, or request is denied, customers will be required to re-apply for a new Plan Process Number.

New Procedures - Structural Reviews
Starting Monday January 30th simple reviews for fences, canopies, shutters, windows, pools , trusses, trellises, antennas, garage doors, and driveways will be done by Structural Reviewers in one day through a walk-thru visit in the Building Department.
This used to be a drop-off process that on average would take seven days. We listened to resident feedback and made changes to make it easier.

Inspector Route
No unnecessary waiting. No calling to find out what time your inspector will arrive.
To track your Inspector's Route, you need your permit number and enter the number into the Inspector Route.
Additionally, we have included a Inspector Route button on the City of Miami website so you can access the Inspector Route directly.

iBuildMiami Online Credit Card or Check Payment
Secure online payments may be made by checking account or credit cards using the "Pay Now" option in iBuildMiami.
Customers can search for an existing Permit Number, Plan Number, and Financial Transaction ID from the iBuildMiami web application to make a credit card or check payment.
A Kiosk station and two courtesy computer stations are available in the MRC lobby area and in the Permit Counter area with access to iBuildMiami.
Please note: MRC 4th floor cashier and NET offices will continue to accept credit card and check payments.

iBuildMiami Online Access
Features available in IBuildMiami are:
  • Application Intake: ability to apply for a building permit without requiring a visit to the MRC building.
  • Plan Review Status: view all comments by discipline for submitted plans.
  • Schedule Inspections and Inspection Route to track your scheduled inspection.
  • View Inspection History: View inspections comments and results.
  • Print Permit Card once all applicable permit fees have been successfully received.
  • Payment: ability to make payments using credit cards.

Welcome to the Building Department

The Building Department enforces codes and regulations established by the Florida and Miami-Dade County governing the construction, alteration, and maintenance of buildings and structures within the City of Miami for the protection of residents and property.  read more


Hours of Operations

Permit Counter:
7:45 am - 12:30 pm and 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Inspections Counter:
7:45 am - 12:30 pm and 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm

7:45 am - 12:30 pm and 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm

Appointments to meet with Section Chiefs can be scheduled with the receptionist in Corridor B beginning at 2:00 pm.

All sections in the Building Department will close daily from 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm for lunch.