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Do's and Don'ts
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  • Review previous solicitations and written quotes to determine requirement and prices.
  • Respond to all solicitations, even if it is a No-Bid. Failure to respond will eventually lead to removal from vendor's list.
  • Submit all necessary documents requested in the solicitation (i.e. licenses, catalogs, price sheet, bid certification, bidder qualifications statement and insurance requirement forms, etc.)
  • Submit samples as requested in the IFB.
  • When bidding alternates, bid only those alternates equal to the item specified.
  • Sign and carefully review all Bid/Proposal Forms. If in doubt about what documents require a signature contact the appropriate buyer. An unsigned bid is considered Bid or Proposal is considered nonresponsive and will not be considered for award.
  • Submit all Bids or Proposals on time. Allow enough time for the Bid or
  • Proposal to arrive at the designated City location.
  • Visit the Procurement Department after the Bids or Proposals have been opened and review your competitor's responses.
  • Fill all orders received on a timely basis and as specified. If you are experiencing problems in filling orders, contact and advise the user department immediately of said problem so that a mutually agreeable solution can be worked out.
  • Timely submit invoices that contain all of the information necessary for Accounts
  • Payable to expeditiously process payment.


  • Don't respond to solicitations for which your company cannot provide the required goods or services or cannot obtain the required insurance or bond.
  • Don't qualify a Bid in a manner contrary to the terms and conditions of the IFB. Example: If an IFB specifies a one year contract period, don't bid on a six month period.
  • Don't supply misleading delivery information.
  • Don't ask to change your prices after a Bid or Proposal has been opened by the City
  • Don't forget to sign the Bid or Proposal and any accompanying documents that require a signature.
  • Don't submit your Bid or Proposal late or ask to have a late Bid or Proposal accepted.
  • Don't omit information or documents required in the solicitation.
  • Don't overlook the procedure for submitting samples.
  • Do not use correction fluid, cross out and initial in ink any changes on Bids or Proposals.
  • Don't price items using units of measure contrary to the units of measures stipulaated in the IFB. Example: If an IFB requires that you bid discount percentages, don't bid unit prices.