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Mission Statement

As the largest city in South Florida, the City of Miami purchases a variety of goods and services. In all our procurement activities with actual and potential vendors, every effort is made to enhance the City's reputation of a progressive agency instituting the core values of business integrity and fairness and equity to all vendors in its procurement process.

  • The Procurement Department is responsible for the acquisition of all supplies, materials, equipment and services required by all City departments. This is accomplished by the determination of applicable procurement procedures, price and vendor selections, placement of purchase orders and procurement contract administration.

  • To centrally receive and distribute certain common supplies to be transferred to other departments/offices, and to coordinate the redistribution, auction, sales, or other lawful means of disposal of City-owned personal property that has been placed or declared surplus.

  • Promotes environmentally preferable Procurement (“Green Initiatives”) in its acquisition of goods and services and consider life cycle effects from pollution, waste generation, energy consumption, recycled material content, depletion of natural resources, and potential impact on health and nature in its procurement decisions.

  • Promotes conducting business with its local, small businesses to protect, sustain, and stimulate the City’s local economy and assist in developing small businesses.