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On September 8, 2005, Procurement Department officially recognized by the Mayor and City Commission by presenting each individual staff member with Certificates of Appreciation for its receipt of the 2005 Achievement in Excellence Procurement Award.”

Accomplishments for 2005 (FY04-05):

 On behalf of the Miami Exhibition Sports Authority, Procurement secured a contract to acquire the services of Fisher Auction Company and the Miami Arena was successfully sold for $28,010,000.00 through a transparent and competitive public auction representing over $3,000,000 of the initial offer and $6,000,000 over the appraised value of the Miami Arena.

 Have developed and issued Request for Qualifications (R.F.Q.’s); and, assisted in the evaluation/award of eighty-five (85) continuing professional services contracts for Architectural, Engineering, Traffic Engineering, Landscape Architectural and Surveying Services for use by the CIP Departments for Homeland Defense/Neighborhood Improvement Bond Projects and other miscellaneous citywide projects.

 Developed, issued and evaluated the Request for Proposals for both the ERP Software and its implementation awarded respectively to Oracle Corporation and Solbourne Computer, Inc., which will allow for the City to provide excellent customer service, achieve cost-effective municipal services, facilitate service access for customers, achieve operational savings, and deliver technology and e-solutions.

 Developed a strategic partnership with Fisher Auction Company to increase revenues to the City for the disposal of City-owned surplus property yielding approximately 1,000,000.00 in municipal revenues over a 20-month period.

 In the initial stages of implementing P-Card Program which will eliminate high routine, non-complex, small dollar purchases reducing time and effort on issuing purchase orders and checks achieving operational savings in excess of $500,000.

 In this upcoming year, the Procurement Department will be fully recognized by the Universal Public Procurement Certification Council (UPPCC) in achieving procurement excellence by having 100% certified professional buyers.

 Through a competitive process secured a new health care provider, dental provider, life insurance and AD&D provider for all City employees at a cost to the City of over $20 million dollars annually,

 Important to future City of Miami economical and land development, Procurement issued Request for Qualifications and secured firms to provide the Master Plan Project Related to Bicentennial Park, Master Plan Project related to Coconut Grove, and Master Plan Project related to Virginia Key, all having extensive community involvement along with involvement by multiple agencies, governments, and Trusts.

 On March 17th, 2005, the Procurement Department is holding its First (1st) Annual Public Information Exchange (PIE) Session, whereby over 300 vendors are registered to attend to receive information about “Smart Procurement Opportunities at their fingertips, so they can compete for a piece of the City of Miami Procurement Opportunities pie. The seminar will reach out to local residents and businesses on “How to Register On-Line” and “How to Do Business” with the City of Miami, how to incorporate as a business, how to apply for small business loans and micro loans, and ethics in conducting business with government agencies.

 Have established over 100 city-wide contracts procuring goods and services such as office supplies, computer software licenses and maintenance, custodial services for city facilities, demolition services, grounds maintenance for city facilities, network equipment and supplies, vehicles, uniforms, etc.

 Purchased the Tiburon Records Management System for the Fire Department which will enhance the Fire’s capability in tracking complete fire incident management and integrate data from the Computer Aided Dispatch System, including type of structure, damage and loss estimates, injuries and cause factors. The system also generates reports that accommodate NFIRS 5 Federal reporting requirements; and, records all key operational information and includes tools for analysis and management functions.

 Secured a Marketing Partnership Agreement with Cardiac Science Inc. to enhance and expand the citywide use of the City of Miami Public Access Defibrillation (PAD) Program for the Fire Department in order to save lives of cardiac arrests victims in the City of Miami.

Accomplishments for 2004 (FY03-04):

 Successfully implemented an electronic bid notice system allowing vendors to register online and receive notification of new bids, amendments, and awards at no-charge. Vendors can also search for bids and download bid documents on-line. Now all registered vendors have: the ability to manage their own vendor information; 24 hour access to city business opportunities through the posting of all formal bid solicitations on-line; instant messages notifying a vendor of new bid postings that match the vendor’s products or services; a more reliable and timely mechanism for obtaining documents and amendments; and reduction of costs, time and effort searching for City of Miami bid opportunities.

 Since last year the City of Miami has increased the amount of certified minority firms to do business with the City of Miami by over 100%.

 The Procurement Department has generated $538,725 in revenues in the last three public auctions conducted by Fisher Auction Co, Inc.
The breakdown is as follows:
(1) June 21, 2003 (Public Auction) - 153 vehicles sold- $360,975.00
(2) September 20, 2003 (Public Auction) – 69 vehicles sold- $70, 575.00
(3) October 4, 2003 (Public Auction)- 74 vehicles sold- $107,175.00

Total Amount of Vehicles Sold = 296 lots
Average Price Per Vehicle = $1,807.60
8 lots sold of miscellaneous parts and equipment= $3,675.00