The Division of Administration is also responsible for the logistical and general purchasing of the Department of Fire-Rescue. All capital projects including facilities maintenance (including fourteen fire stations and one marine houseboat station), construction, refurbishment and modification projects are all developed and managed by this division. Administration is also responsible for the timely assignment of legislation for consideration at the City Commission, as well as actuating service agreements with outside vendors and agencies. Administration is also responsible for applying and overseeing attained Federal grants. Additionally, Administration is responsible for initiating and overseeing the hiring and promotional processes, as well as ensuring that the payroll system is performing adequately.

In recent years the Administration Division has successfully secured several Federal Grants to assist in the hiring of new firefighter, and the purchasing of state of the art emergency equipment, simulators, and additional safety gear including firefighter bunker gear.

The Administration Division is involved in setting initiatives for the Homeland Defense Bond monies. To date, it has been determined that the most important initiative is to provide First Responders with the protective and specialized equipment to counter threats. Some of this includes a regional disaster training facility, on-scene command van, and a nuclear biological chemical disaster cache. Further, the Division has developed a list of apparatus and equipment to be procured as a part of this Bond.

To better serve the community, the Administration Division has coordinated the aperture of a new houseboat located at Bay Side Market Place to facilitate a more expedient response times to waterborne emergencies. Moreover, the Administrative Division has begun aggressively pursues the construction of new fire stations within special area projects such as Brickell City Center and other to better serve the communities impacted by these massive projects.

Public Affairs

The Public Affairs Section is divided into two (2) primary areas: Public Information and Public Education.

Public Information Officer

The Public Information Officer (PIO) is the official spokesperson for the Department of Fire-Rescue. The PIO is responsible for responding to mass media and public requests for information, the issuing of news releases, and making statements to the media at emergency incidents. The office of the PIO also coordinates survey information and publishes articles in trade journals.

Public Education

The Public Education Section is responsible for providing citizens with important lifesaving messages in fire and accident prevention through direct training programs and coordinating truck and station presentations given by the men and women of the Emergency Response Division. Another major function of this Section is the responsibility for creating a better understanding of the operations of the Department throughout the community.

Public Education is involved with a wide variety of ongoing educational programs including Learn Not To Burn (Pre-K - 8th Grade), Juvenile Fire Setters Network, Injury Prevention (Pre-K - 12th grade), Fire Safety for the Workplace, High-rise Evacuation Training, Fire Drills, Hotel/Motel Fire Safety, and First Aid & CPR training.