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The Cash Receipt Section is responsible for receiving, safekeeping, and recording all monies belonging to the City in any capacity. The Treasury Division has developed a Cash Receipt Policies and Procedures Manual per Resolution No. 5-00196 and adopted by the City Commission on March 24, 2005. The Cash Receipt Section maintains and promulgates these rules and regulations.

Contact Information

Vickie Morgan-Gates
Finance Accounting Supervisor
(305) 416-1934

Jean Robert Pascal
Financial Analyst II
(305) 416-1348

Elmita Bolivar
Financial Analyst I
(305) 416-1398

Oliguet Deis
Financial Analyst I
(305) 416-1523

Lesly Dominguez
Finance Accounting Aide
(305) 416-1333

Delecia Johnson
Cashier II
(305) 416-1183

Dubraska Fort Arrinda
Cashier II
(305) 416-1126

Finance department:   Home | Contact Us | Disclaimer