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The Accounts Receivable Section is responsible for the billing and collections for the City. This section is responsible for assisting customers with account balances, handling any returned checks, and reconciling receivables sub-ledger every month. It assist management in the preparation of Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR).

Contact Information

Demetrio Constantiny
Senior Financial Analyst
(305) 416-1399

Cheung-hung Lau (Leanne)
Financial Analyst II
(305) 416-1363

Maria Leis-Sanchez
Asst. Accounts Receivable Supervisor
(305) 416-1920

Ronald Cap
Financial Analyst I
(305) 416-1386

Cynthia Clarke
Finance Accounting Aide
(305) 416-1939

Daniella Zegarra
Finance Accounting Aide
(305) 416-1358

Finance department:   Home | Contact Us | Disclaimer